Social and political imagery, religious iconography, found objects and mixed media all combine in the fascinating, sometimes haunting, work of Colombian-born artist Cecilia Moreno-Yaghoubi. At a young age, Cecilia moved with her family to the United States. She earned her Bachelor’s in Business Administration and began a career in property management. A spiritual journey thereafter ensued and ultimately, the pull toward creative expression led her to pursue her art full-time. Through a combination of influences, Cecilia’s concepts have traveled from the lush and beautiful yet safe and mainstream landscapes of her homeland to the more challenging, riskier, mixed media work. Featuring political, cultural and social imagery, many of her current pieces are assembled using materials found in flea markets and thrift shops such as dolls, wood and fabric.

Cecilia premiered her paintings at “Origenes Latinos/Latin roots” gallery in Chelsea, NY in 2005 and has exhibited throughout New York and Connecticut including the Cork Gallery at Lincoln Center, the National Academy of Art Museum and at the Colombian Consulate of New York. Her showroom, Site 110, is based in tony Harlem and has also been open to the public on occasion, namely for the Harlem ArtCrawl and “Subtitled” – a group exhibition. Cecilia participated in El Barrio Week 2011, with an outdoor installation at the Modesto Florida Garden Party. In Miami, she has been featured at Opera Gallery alongside master artists Botero, Wilfredo Lam, Roberto Matta and Antonio Segui; opened a solo exhibit named “Girl from Cali” at the Colombian Consulate in Coral Gables; shown with the prestigious International Kids Fund’s annual Latin American Art Auction and at various locations with ArtCenter/South Florida. An exhibition at the Biennale in Florence, Italy, marked Cecilia’s international debut.

Since then her work has been exhibited in many art fairs around the world such as Scope Miami, Spectrum Art Fair Miami, Tokyo International Art Fair, Pamoramamix in Madrid and WeARTe‬ – Iberian & Friends in Poland among others.